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Advice 2 years ago
That's pretty great but you forgot the thing she likes most, and the only thing she can't do with her fingers. Next time, after she's warmed up put your mouth over her with clit in the center, apply as much suction as you can and hold it while flicking her bean with your tongue. Don't stop until she's done this time. Not until she prys you off of her after 30 seconds of screaming with extasy. Be prepared, she may clamp those legs around you pretty hard. Just my 2 cents, that's what my wife likes
2 years ago
Made me cum in my panties with put even touching my self gonna save this for sure
Susie 2 years ago
My stepdad and I are very close I could ask him anything. So one day I asked him about sex telling him my BF wanted to do oral sex and I was scared. BF wanted to eat me while I sucked him. Well ended up stepdad showed me how a guy eats a gal I passed out I came so hard. Agreeing not to tell mom he said he'll do it more often and not let any body do it or anyone know. He also taught me how to suck dick and swallow cum. I'm still a virgin he said my 18th birthday he'll fix that problem.
Dee A 1 year ago
I loveeeee my pussy licked just like that. It makes me squirt.
Smalltowngirl 2 years ago
His tongue vibrates
1 year ago
I cum in my brother's mouth everyday daddy too
2 years ago
The pressure, amount of lubrication, the speed... he’s marvelous. Came in 1.5 minutes of watching. Men, take notes. This man knows what he’s doing. Lucky gal.
Polska 2 years ago
She is so lucky ?
1 year ago
She came hard. She'd cum harder if daddy was sucking Herr titties at same time then gave her a good fucking. Daddy first though
Person 1 year ago
Why would I want someone that ugly on your puss?