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Borna 2 years ago
My husband and two of his friends gave me group Fucks on my 26th birthday. Fucking the first group sex of the life was a little painful but I enjoyed it.
Lia 2 years ago
Hubby 2 years ago
Would love to watch someone do that to my wife
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I definitely enjoy to much to see my wife surrender herself to another man, it’s amazing to see her Completely naked bouncing up and down, Screaming her body shaking and her pussy Juices dripping down wetting his dick and balls. Also love to hear how she ask for a creampie because she loves to feel that cum Inside her pussy every time. Is just to much plesiosaur for us FABULOUS.
Hot Becca 2 years ago
Well my hb & I would go out on Friday night he’d tell me which clothes 2 wear or to take off before going in club! He’d pick out guy I’d have to let him feel me up , give him Bj
If I had hard time sucking cause size then he’d tell me to get him home ! Here we have sex as hb would watch , I'd ask him join in but he never did ! 1 time he got 2 BWC guys to fuck me all Friday night then Saturday he woke me up to fuck him ! He never joined in only watched ! Guess that why he’s ex !
Clara 2 years ago
I'm so wet anyone want to treat me like a slut & degrade me and bang me hard DM me if you wanna destroy my slutty pussy
Mypussywetaf 2 years ago
Can someone like come and fuck me like this , pls
Eathen’s wife 2 years ago
My husband Did this to me it felt good
Vee 2 years ago
Soo fucking hot wish that was me
Jon 2 years ago
Bite that pillow bitch! I made my friends wife do the same thing as she told me how she never gets fucked that deep. Sadly he found out and I had to take her from him....she's my wife now and I raise his kids.